This project rise almost as a joke, working, experimenting, looking for new clients and a wider feedback from creative talents all around the world. It was born on Behance as a tribute to Behance itself.
From this concept ABC takes shape, an acronym that gathers some of the essential and most used tools by today's artists:
the Adobe suite, the technical ground
Behance, place for interaction and inspiration, while at the same time international showcase 
Creativity, fundamental ingredient
We are aware every artist has different stream of creativity, and various combinations exist.
Still we believe this formula would be essential for almost every designer in the world at some point.
This is the teaser, hope you'll appreciate it.
We've got lots of ideas we would like to share and grow with you.
Art Direction: Fausto Montanari / Lorenzo Ugo
Design: Fausto Montanri
Animation: Lorenzo Ugo
Original music, Fx, Mix: Flat25 Studio, London
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